adriana rusansky harris

Writer, Painter, Poet, Designer, Entrepreneur and a Professional life coach, Adriana was born in Argentina  but naturalized citizen of the USA .

 She received First Place Award in Poetry in Buenos Aires in 1974 and in 1980 she received a Second Place award in The International Narrative Award from Cruzada Literaria in Ciudad La Plata in Celebration of the International Year of Children and Family.


She published her first book Etcetera in 1980 with Carra Editions where she was reviewed as a dramatic and existencialist poet. In 1981, Arturo Cuadrado, the Spanish poet and Director of Emece Editions and Founder of Botella al Mar and Nova, published her first book of short stories A Los Enemigos hay que Admirarlos where she asserts a narrative but then returns to a poetic mode with cinematographic scenarios and unreal characters.

Her third book 21 horas cafe San Luis is just a cardbord of 5 pages, an open dialogue between Carlos Giovanola the author of"Miolana"  and herself where she reveals her ironic personality and the influence of authors such as Kafka, Malcolm Lowry, Flauvert and Borges.

In 1998 Proyectos y Producciones and Morandi well known editing house in Madrid, Spain published her book Esa Muerte de Lunas que Adoramos where she expresses her deep feelings of desolation and loneliness when at the same time expressing her strength and hope that translates in a passion and  enables her to treat nouns and verbs , try words that don't exist in the dictionary and jump from rhyme to verse freely and finish with a poem with a very deep and harsh finale.

In 2012 she began to expand her technique known as Healing Visual Poetry and Arcanes based on Visual art and Magic with the purpose of creating a powerful and profound effect that heals and free's. It's an array of color poetry ,textures, strange objects and images that bring us into the world of interior exploration.She published her last poetry book, Amarillo Grande / Wild Yellow, bilingual (spanish-english) in France in October 2014.

Her paintings and specially her boxes of secrets have been very attractive to the public.

In addition to her background in literature and  arts, she studied fashion feng shui and created an exotic line of hats and clothing which she consider" aesthetically pleasing more than anything else".

She did presentations in Lord & Taylor in Scarsdale NY, The Windham Garden Hotel in NY , United Nations Women's Guild, The Ossining Women's Club, Latino American Cultural Alliance,  The American Family Community Services in NY. and the Bard Graduate Center in New York.

She participated in  Lisa Rosenberg TV show in channel 56 during 2008 in New York City.

Currently,Adriana spends most of her time writing and giving seminars and presentations in English and Spanish between New York and Palm Beach.

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