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A spiritual coach or spiritual life coach explores the connections that exist between the person and the universe. Our job is to help understand the world we live in and the energies that flow from it.

Coaches don't have all the answers, but we have all the questions, and that's the most important thing when it comes to embarking on the path to self-discovery.

Of course, many times due to life circumstances some of our projects, dreams or plans do not find the right conditions to develop and it is difficult for us to find a way to concretize, accept or visualize the changes we experience day by day, either from the material or spiritual point of view. Why do we have so many difficulties in our evolutionary process? Why do we suffer while growing up?


 Actually, a goal is an idea of the future that we commit to achieve. Many people come to my practice with a dream instead of a goal.  That's ok. Since I train the person to use their subconscious mind which is the mind we use when we dream.

The problem begins when we are dreaming awake, because we are in a state of consciousness, therefore, we are discriminating, analyzing, choosing and also boycotting.

Our mind has two aspects:  the subconscious mind (or the creative mind) that accepts and creates everything we think and say, and the conscious mind that  is logical and limiting. Your subconscious mind does not argue with you or discuss your beliefs, while your conscious mind will always put you in front of doubt.

The learning experience that you will be involved in is designed based on my own experience of success in life.

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