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Adriana as a writer:


Beautiful, stirring and occasionally disturbing poetry ,beautifully presented.I can recommend her book wholeheartedly to anyone who prizes poetry in Spanish or English.

Jeffrey Goldberg

Assistant Director of the Metropolitan Opera of New York

Our Company supports and promote new poets  like Adriana Rusansky  that are developing great, solid and rigorous literature projects.

Rosa Ruocco

Editorial Morandi, Madrid Espana


Beautiful and deep I receive her poetry from America

Curro Sevilla

Director de Esmeralda

Madrid, España


Celebro la exquisitez y riqueza poetica que transpira.

Manuel Priego Oliver

Hojas Hiconoclastas, Barcelona España

There is a tall, beautiful and dark woman in America that is wondering the latino critics what is she all about, for her profound humanity and tragic poetry. In addition to the Judeo- Christian influence, she has been inspired by Vallejo, Borges, Sabato and other classic european poets. I always was touched by her intense and passionate poetry.

Alfonso Molina

Director of America Latina Editions NY

She owns a clear and impeccable metaphor. Writes about love passionately and let the reader  penetrate

 into the immensity of her desires and frustrations with the ease of those who open the heart to a friend

Dr Esteban Jardel

Adriana as a coach:


I'm really grateful to Adriana. I met her in one of the most negative moments of my life and she helped me change my mindset. She taught me how to see events with a positive attitude and turn them into something constructive. She is an excellent spiritual and motivational coach!

Claudia Conti , Miami

To get knowing Adriana was a before and after experience. I reached to her in my worst life situation and she was my guidance and an angel in my life. To tell her one thousand times thank you is too little! 

Daniela Williams , Spain


Adriana is a unique and wonderful human being. She is blessed with a wise spirituality and a deep caring for others. She is intelligent, trustworthy and an excellent listener. She helped me personally through a very difficult time. Adriana is prayerful, encouraging and uplifting. I would recommend her without hesitation and feel confident her leadership will be positive and beneficial.

Sandy Nelson, Chicago





She is on to something vital for all walks of life and it is reflective in the way she already lives her own life.

Rebecca Spencer  American singer and actress.

Adriana is a very special person. She gave me courage to continue with my mission, be alive and move forward. I thank the Heavens that she showed up in my path to help me . Thank you so much!

Esther Armoza, Argentina

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