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about  adriana 

Leaving Obstacles Behind 

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Writer, Plastic Artist, Designer and Entrepreneur, Adriana is a Certified Professional Coach, a Certified  DR Coach, trained in Family Constellation, trained in Mindfulness Meditation and Mystic Tarot, a  Certified Fashion Feng Shui Facilitator, and has Certificates of Completion in  both Higher-Self Connection and  Spiritual Awakening Mastery. 

In addition, Adriana created a special technique, " The Inheritor Map". The goal is to understand how siblings share opportunities and challenges, or not, in order to maintain family balance. They become the liberators or caretakers of the sacred entity. It helps us to understand the mission of each one and its relationship to the whole.


She did presentations in Lord & Taylor- Scarsdale NY, The Windham Garden Hotel in NY , United Nations Women's Guild, The Ossining Women's Club, Latino American Cultural Alliance, She participated in the First Congress of Spanish Women promoted by  Latino Entrepreneurs in Leadership of New York,  The American Family Community Services in NY and the Bard Graduate Center in New York.

She participated in  Lisa Rosenberg's TV show in channel 56 during 2008 in New York.

Her Books: 

ETCETERA. Carra Editores Argentina, 1980 Spanish (Poetry)

A LOS ENEMIGOS HAY QUE ADMIRARLOS.  Botella Al Mar y Nova Editores Argentina, 1981. Spanish (Short Stories)​

21 HORAS, CAFE SAN LUIS, Canon Oxidado Editores Argentina, 1983 Co-Author Carlos Giovanola. Spanish 

ESA MUERTE DE LUNAS QUE ADORAMOS, Proyectos y Producciones Cyan y Morandi de Espana , Madrid, Espana 1998 Spanish (Poetry)

AMARILLO GRANDE /WILD YELLOW, Coye La Foret, France 2014 Poetry (Spanish/English)



                                                                                     In Her Own Words

 I've had a magical childhood. I  connected with poetry before I could read and write it. My mother reminded me that I invented my poems by reciting them aloud and dramatized many of them with overflowing passion. A  little game, a  little magic, I found in poetry a destiny that I share with humanity in a casual and extraordinary way. I always thought that poetry was not an act of intelligence but a scenographic imposition of the soul. It is not a  profession or a trade, but a destiny.  It is brilliant, phantasmagorical, dazzling,  prophetic and an indivisible experience.

Exceptional events appeared in my life when I was ready to receive them and they took a sharp and positive turn to my spiritual and physical life well being. I believe we live in an imperfect world where we must produce harmony,   and  the only way to do that is by creating a vision of balance and prosperity. The universe is created in such a way, that we should always be able to be  in control of our mind, personality, and  emotions. We are recipients of boundless mastery in all aspects of our physical world.    Today I am dedicated to helping those who want or must find a way, motivated by despair or desire, by awakening  the need to connect with oneself. And I give my poetry to the world because God gave me this destiny to share with the world.  There is no greater relief  than being what you want to be. However, both the healer and the poet will always be reactivated by the desire of the other.

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