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The Eight Gifts from Heaven :The Sacred Path

1.- The Possibility of creating a Goal.

2.- The Power of The Subconscious Mind.

3.- The Power to Grow and Transform Yourself.

4.  The Magical Power of Bowing before someone.

5.  The Possibility of Forgiving, Repairing and Helping others accomplish their goals.

6.-The Power of Prayer

7.- The Power of Meditation

8.- The Power of Poetry

From The Fool to the Magician. From the Empress to the Hermit… From the Hanged Man to the World… we all share the Universal Forces and Energies that are at play and impact our lives in different ways.

I can help you to design your project within your goal but most important , support you  while you walk your path.

The first thing you should know is WHAT YOU WANT to make the right request.

 Actually, a goal is an idea of the future that we commit to achieve. Many people come to my practice with a dream instead of a goal.  That's ok. Since I train the person to use their subconscious mind which is the mind we use when we dream.

The problem begins when we are dreaming awake, because we are in a state of consciousness, therefore, we are discriminating, analyzing, choosing and also boycotting.

Our mind has two aspects:  the subconscious mind or the creative mind that accepts and creates everything we think and say, and the conscious mind that  is logical and limiting. Your subconscious mind does not argue with you or discuss your beliefs, while your conscious mind will always put you in front of doubt.

The learning experience that you will be involved in, is designed based on my own experience of success in life.

The Tools that I apply in the process are:



  *THE KYBALION and METAPHYSICS: The Hermetic Teachings.

  *THE MYSTIC TAROT and the levels of your spiritual journey.



I consider this journey the most poetical expression of life because you engage every step of the journey with an emotional experience that defeats any reality. Your adventure becomes more important than the goal or at least you will be able to enjoy your goal with a more fulfilled heart.


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