The Eight Gifts from Heaven

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Certified Professional Coach

Certified Disaster Recovery Coach

Trained in Family Constellation.

Trained in Mindfulness Meditation.

Fashion Feng Shui Facilitator.

Writer, Painter, Designer and entrepreneur.

We all know what we want until we are asked to explain it in detail.  We all know where we wish to arrive to, but we are unsure which path will get us there; or we know the path but are fearful to begin our first steps and continue forward on the path.

We all know it is necessary to make changes, change our behavior and have the discipline to achieve our goals.  However, it is difficult for us not to regress to our old thoughts in order to redesign our destiny.

As an artist and entrepreneur, my path, like any other immigrant to the United States of America, was a continuous discovery of myself.  The important thing was not how to learn how the system functions in America but how I could be of service and be an inspiration in this marvelous land of opportunities.

It was necessary to re-invent the image I had of myself and of my reality,  reduce my mental agitation and bring it  to a minimum through prayer, meditation, and using imagination. Most important, I found out that unpopular thinking contained the secret of opportunities.

Teachers  and alternatives appeared and provided a turn in my life materially as well as emotionally.

When the mind is clear, the world appears different to us as we are able to transform the perception we have of the external world and we can then make more intelligent and calculated choices with our lives.

We are always in an imperfect world where we must produce harmony and the only way to do so is to create a vision of balance and prosperity and cleaning all erroneous concepts which we have about what it is we desire,  discarding the negative patterns which we inherited as well as the excess emotional baggage we carry around.

The universe is made in such a way that when we are in control of our mind, our character and our emotions, we receive an unlimited mastery of all aspects of the physical world.

Is there something we should never abandon?

Our sense of humor and humility. They are things that will make us feel more aware and stronger when we have to confront a new challenge in life.

I am more than happy to present my new conference "The Eight Gifts from Heaven" a dynamic story of my own challenges in life and the gifts I received to learn from all of them.


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